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Pope Francis I is the name of the 266th leader of The Roman Catholic Church, and while I’m disappointed the Conclave of Cardinals didn’t pick Peter Turkson, which would have made him the first black pope in several centuries, as my Mom (who I am visiting here in Georgia) observed, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is God’s choice and he has a reason for it. Indeed,...

Pope Benedict XVI gave what was his second to the last Angelus address in St. Peter’s Square, today. In doing so, the first Pope to retire in 600 years, attracted 80,000 people. The Pope is stepping down because, at 86, he says he doesn’t have the energy to go on with the daily grind of the job. Pope Benedict XVI has been that for eight years, and is the... Early this morning, at about 4 AM PST, Pope Benedict XVI sent word out that he would resign at the end of the month, February 28th, and for heath-related reasons. The Pope is just two months shy of his 86th birthday, and has served as the 265th leader of the Roman Catholic Church for just about eight years. Pope Benedict...