About Zennie62 (Not Zennie Optical)

About Zennie62 (Not Zennie Optical)

Zennie62.com is the blog started by Zennie Abraham and has been in existence since 2005, when it was called “Zennie’s Zeitgeist” and hosted on Blogger.com.  The focus has always been politics, news, sports, and tech, with a healthy dose of celeb pop culture, and pop culture.

In 2013, Zennie62.com, or Zennie62blog.com, under-went a change to a unique new news aggregator format. It’s a cross between The Drudge Report and Google News. Zennie62.com is the only news aggregator that markets the source of the news right in the title of the post. You can readily click over to the news source and the news aggregator it was listed on.

But the Zennie62.com news aggregator is also still a standard blog, but the posts are designed to be featured at the top section of the front page, and also in other Zennie62 blogs that are part of the Zennie62Media network. Thus, a blog with the category tag of “Oakland” will also be at our Oakland Focus blog, and so on.

Regarding blogs and bloggers here, there are 48 listed authors including such luminaries as Davey D, Julie Buehler, Melissa Rubin, David Squires and Ken Debro.  (You can learn more about our authors at the “Bloggers” section.)

Zennie Abraham is the Executive Producer, and one of the bloggers / vloggers as well.  In fact, he blogs and vlogs a lot and he and Zennie62 bloggers go to events like CES Las Vegas, Wonder Con, Comic Con, and the Democratic National Convention, twice in 2008 and in 2012.

Joining him is Nikky Raney, who’s a recent graduate of The New England School Of Journalism. Nikky is Executive Editor.

Zennie62.com is a place where bloggers and video bloggers can get their content out there, and express their view. This is designed to be a kind of news topic cultural forum, where up-to-date topics are the focus for discussion and debate. With a special way of blogging for The Internet, Zennie62.com’s traffic generation capabilities are also attractive to advertisers.

The Zennie62.com blog network consists of 78 blogs and a core group of 20 that cover various cities and politics (Democrats preferred) sports and special topics.

If you’re a columnist or blogger and want to blog or video-blog about celebrities, politics, news, sports, the Oscars and film, or tech, or an advertiser who wants your brand presented in our blogs and videos and before a core group between 18 and 44 years old, just contact Zennie62.com at [email protected].