Facebook’s Instagram Has Video But It Has An Upload Problem

Posted on Jun 20 2013 - 6:49pm by Zennie Abraham

UPDATE: Media Ignores Facebook Instagram Upload Processing Problem

Instagram For Video

Instagram For Video

Facebook’s Instagram has video, now. Is it too late to the game?

Instagram, acquired by Facebook in 2011, held a press conference today to announce its new video app. Instagram video is much like Tout in that it offers 15 second video times, whereas Vine is limited to six seconds. Vidoco, the video app company where this blogger sits on its advisory board, has a range of video time choices from 15 seconds to one minute. Can instagram become the preferred video system and wipe out the other apps?

The answer here is a firm no, but.

The “but” is in the fact that, as of this writing, users are complaining of upload problems. Take CNET writer Jennifer Van Grove, who issued this Twitter tweet complaining that her 15 second video that would take seconds to upload on Vidoco or Tout is, well, “processing” and that was 21 minutes ago, as of this writing:

Meanwhile, three others on Twitter responded to her tweet, reporting the same problem:

If the upload problem is related to Instagram’s server configuration, then it has to go back to the drawing board. That problem hasn’t plagued Tout or Vidoco; the most I’ve waited for a video to process was 10 minutes for either app, and that happened just twice. I’ve uploaded over 3,600 videos on Tout, alone, and over 160 on the brand new Vidoco app.

If Instagram can overcome this deal-killer problem, it will be formidable. First, it’s easy, as the Instagram folks will tell you: “When you go to take a photo on Instagram, you’ll now see a movie camera icon. Tap it to enter video mode, where you can take up to fifteen seconds of video through the Instagram camera.”

Second, what I like is the Instagram-style social-network interface that allows immediate feedback on video content. What so many video app designers fail to realize is they need to have their own social networking home for their video users. I have found that human nature is to want to have a social-network-style page that’s associated with the content a specific app produces. Such a device also facilitates user population growth.

Just ask new Instagram Video user Tony Hawk. If you just press on the photo, you’re taken right to his video. Kobe Bryant’s on it too.

I took one last ride on my first skateboard (a Bahne) before giving it to The Smithsonian... and it didn't break! Video by @mikivuckovich

But right now, this space has to report that the Instagram video upload delay is a release disaster. Time is the element of success in the video app World, because a user wants to immediately show and share – if the damn videos uploading 10 minutes or more later, you can do neither. And with something like 18 other offerings out there, many will go back to whatever else they were using and forget about Facebook’s Instagram video until, and this an “if” right now, the problem’s solved and use volume reaches social media recognition level.

“Social Media Recognition Level” is my term for noticing an app because you saw its contents on another social network. Like seeing a video on Facebook or Twitter or a blog. That’s why Vine, even though it has no business growing, is doing so.

Frankly speaking the Vine app is fucking stupid, and were it not for the use of Twitter as a distribution point for its content, Vine would be a failure. An app like Tout or Vidoco would kill Vine if Twitter gave both Vine’s level of access, and Twitter knows this. At the end of the day, people want rich video content, not flash images moving again and again in the annoying, fist-pounding fashion Vine presents.

As you can tell, I’m not a Vine fan.

But the real key here is in where the distribution point is, and how big it is. If you want to compete against Vine, you need a large, exclusive social network, and that’s what Instagram video has in Facebook – whenever the damn videos upload.

Have to say, the definitive video app has not been developed. Yet.

Stay tuned.

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  • Y

    Mine has been processing for 10+ minutes too!!

  • Tara Gregory

    Mine has been for 4 hours!!!!! What is going on? I don’t want to lose it!!!

  • http://zennie62blog.com/ Zennie Abraham

    Wow! That’s horrible!

  • Ashley S

    Mine too! Any idea what to do? I don’t wanna lose the video!

  • Danny Lifted

    i tried uploading about 20 minutes ago still no sign of the vid. I thought i messed something up so tried uploading another (about 10 minutes ago) but it hasn’t gone up either

  • Kiojghj

    I’ve been waiting all day for processing videos to upload.

  • nardiascott

    Mine has been “processing” for about 8 or more hours now. Can’t reload can’t get rid of it, nor do I want to. I will be very disappointed if it just disappears and doesn’t actually load!! I love Instagram but this is an unfortunate fail – nardiascott

  • sadface mcgee

    I wish it would at least save to camera roll first if its gonna fail like this, at least then I have the video :( me and some colleagues worked really hard on a video last night and its still processing…

  • galgada

    Worst part is it doesn’t save the video to your phone for whatever reason so when the process ultimately fails or you stop it, you lose your video. I’ve lost my first two videos trying to upload. Can’t believe it doesn’t save a copy on your phone to try again later.

  • Buggy

    Had same problem. Killed the app out of the multitasking on iPhone. Then I was able to reupload

  • ACL0307

    ugh, mine too and my first two insta videos are the bomb! anyone wanna report back that their video ultimately finally posted at some point? i’m hoping mine will. i don’t mind waiting hours or a day as long as i don’t lose them. and WHY on earth don’t they save a copy to your camera roll?! geez

  • Mysianne

    13+ hours here… I made it as a little treat for a couple whose wedding I was photographing. I was able to show it to them and it was hilarious and amazing and I’m pretty sure after 13 hours it won’t actually end up uploading. But I really hope there is some miracle.

  • RayBans

    Is there a way to upload SAVED videos that you have in your phone to instagram and just edit it down to 15 sec? That would be awesome if instagram could do that.

  • Mae

    Same thing happened with me where the upload was stuck. After a few hours, I just just force quit the app by clicking the home button on my iPhone, double clicking it again to bring up a list of my recently used apps on the bottom of my screen & holding down instagram to delete it from the list. When I went back to instagram, my upload showed that it failed so I just clicked the retry button & it uploaded right away. Maybe the same will Work for you guys.