“Man Of Steel Sucks” Twitter’s Second Most Popular MOS Search Term

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-- Posted on Jun 15 2013 - 9:34:11 pm by Zennie Abraham

Man Of Steel Twitter

Man Of Steel Twitter

Man Of Steel Sucks” is certainly not what Legendary Pictures Financing LLC or Warner Bros want to see as one of the most popular search terms associated with what’s supposed to be one of their tent-pole movies, but sure enough, on Twitter, as of this writing at 4:52 PM EDT on Saturday, June 15th, that’s exactly the case.


The finding by this blogger, who was in the process of searching for Man Of Steel-related tweets, does not spell good news for the movie’s box office performance potential.

Personally, I don’t think “Man Of Steel Sucks,” in fact, I think it’s a great movie that was missing a couple of elements. Here’s my video-based review from Zennie62 on YouTube:

Twitter Search Reveals Content As Much As Volume Of Search Requests

Like most keyword search engines, Twitter’s is a combination of what people are searching for, and what keywords are in the content. The sad fact is that the more Twitter account holders write “Man Of Steel Sucks” the more likely it is to appear near the top of search results, and in turn, other click on that, creating a vicious cycle that can only be broken with new content.

Here’s what some people are tweeting under “Man Of Steel Sucks”

What’s The Problem With Man Of Steel?

So just what is the problem with Man Of Steel?

The overall major error is in the overuse of flashbacks. There are so many of them that it renders it difficult to really sink your teeth into the movie. For example, we go from the baby Kar-El crash landing on Earth, to the deep ocean, where an older Clark is working on some kind of fishing vessel. When the water craft comes upon an oil rig in flames, Clark is next on it, and putting his super-powers to work.

Left unconscious and floating in the water, Clark then makes it back to land, grabs some clothes off a clothesline, then walking through town, sees a schoolbus that takes us to yet another flashback.

So we don’t see how Clark grew up in such a way as to own some part of the story that then takes us through to a plot point – you have to pay attention and think about the story, and that can lose a lot of people.

The other problem is that John Williams’ masterful theme is not anywhere near the film and there’s no good reason for that decision. Look, what Mr. Williams created is an acknowledged classic – avoiding its use for a Superman movie was just plain stupid.

With that, I don’t think Man Of Steel sucks, but some others do.

I’ll see it again.

And the reason I will is that it’s special effects are the best ever. There are a ton of scenes worth seeing again just because they look so real in terms of depth of field in 3D.

Stay tuned.

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  • Fan

    It sucked. Big Superman fan, but this one has no character development. Worst Lois Lane ever. Daily Planet’s a joke. Cavill can act, but is given nothing to say. A real travesty.

  • bob

    No, the problem with man of steel is the horrible writing. Why the F#@k is lois lane aboard the bomber which carries the worlds only hope of destroying the Kryptonians ship? Oh, so superman can catch her when she falls.
    Why is the high ranking military general the one flying the plane, instead of the highly trained pilots who SPECIALIZE in this area? Oh, so he can have a heroic death, complete with one-liner.
    Oh, this guy who has been living peacefully on earth for 33 years, and has demonstrated theat he means us no harm (and whom we had in custody earlier but allowed to go free) is fighting these alien badguys? Of course he must be an enemy; lets try to kill him.
    There are so many stupid holes, that the lack of acting, or overemphasis on cgi are not even issues.

  • http://zennie62blog.com/ Zennie Abraham

    Great points. It had its funny moments, though. Like when he brought down the satellite because he didn’t want the government snooping on him. However, in the real World, a person like that, with his habit for using his powers and abilities, would have been on the government’s radar when he was a teen.

  • Daryl

    The writing did suck. How did he get his suit?
    He finds it on a spaceship that is 18, 000 years old, but it stil happens to have his his family crest on it. WOW!
    The bad guys looked for superman for 30 years. But they didn’t age other then Zod growing a gotee!
    They didn’t even get the physics right. Speaking to a holigram of pops in the vacume of space, sure why not?
    Its good to know that they speak english on Krypton. To bad their planet exploded.
    Considering how good Watchmen was, I was really disappointed

  • Dan Baird

    I really wanted to enjoy this movie but couldn’t get into it at all. For me it was the flashbacks as well. I was hoping they wouldn’t keep doing them but they did and when the action finally started there were just some really cheesy lines. Just a huge waste of time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrianroberto.vegavalverde Adrian Roberto Vega Valverde

    Batman meet immortas, not a superman movie, only my opinion.

  • Sam

    Man of Steel sucked big steely balls. What a dissapointment. With a budget of $225 million dollars and the high expectations of a Justice League film, this film clearly misses its mark. I found another article that perfectly explains what is missing from this movie: http://adviceaboutfinance.com/2013/06/18/why-superman-man-of-steel-sucks-big-steely-balls/

  • TK

    I can understand the backlash on two points. Kal-El should have had a moment to acknowledge all of the destruction and death that he and Zod created. Give the audience a feeling of regret. And 2. the killing of Zod. Hard core fanboys are up in arms for the changing of a mythos. But that part of that character, that no killing sensibility, is from a bygone era. that was a time where hitler was punched on comic covers. IM A FANBOY, however I am a realist, and sometimes a motherf****r has to die. And when push comes to shove, when the nitty gets gritty, I am damn happy he did. It is one thing to have the chitauri flowing in through a portal that the god of mischief opened with a loki poki stick and a cube, we understand, some large things are at stake. But when you have a 10 deep crew of the last remaining kryptonians, super conducting the worlds gravity to terraform and condense your planet, and after you killed said kryptonians, their leader (who has been genetically engineered to believe in his purpose) looks at you and says, ”im going to punish you, im going to spend the rest of my existence to ensure the pain of every human being, your mother, lois, everyone. for the rest of eternity, I will be doing this” You break that dudes neck so damn hard his head comes off. Lets be real. Zod scared me, truly. And only because, everyone in that theatre believed every syllable out of his mouth.
    Now as for the music, if any one else had come in to scoop the Man of Steel scoring job, I would agree with you. But, the job Hans Zimmer has done with Man of Steel is incredible. Seriously, how can you say that it was lack luster. I understand what you are saying about Williams. He is the film scoring God of his generation, and Superman is in his top three, without a doubt. But the only reason Zimmer got away with it is because he did the same. Man of steel is his best work other than inception and gladiator, and maybe TDK. It brought tears to my eyes when mixed with the imagery, it captured the essence of hope soo well. Even my friends who had some ill feelings towards the film walked out saying ”jesus did you hear that music, talk about giving me chills

  • TK

    Theres a reason that spaceship had a suit with his family crest on it, its hard to catch, but its the biggest easter egg in the film without a doubt

  • Mae

    Absolutely agree. With the flashbacks, they were trying to create drama and emotion that just wasn’t there because the flashbacks were too awkward. They should have just stuck to the traditional way, showing him as he grows up- except for the flashback of his dad’s death, that would have been a great (and only) flashback to have in the film.