NFL Draft: The 2012 Pro Football Draft Report: Teaser! The Top Ten Offensive Guards

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
2015-09-01 01:50:04

Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 1:50:06 AM

By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Exec. Editor-Football Reporters/Football

Grade: A-

This is probably the strongest class of offensive linemen overall in a few years, and no one sub-group shows that level of talent more then the guards in this draft class.

Mr. DeCastro is possibly the most complete player in the group, and could probably play any position on the line except left tackle.  He is also the one of the few players that fits both a man on man and a zone-type blocking scheme, which is a huge plus for the team drafting him. He might be the second lineman off the boards on draft day 1. Some of the “glossy” publications like to rank Guards and Centers together, but we prefer to rate them in separate sections as they are different positions.


1)   David DeCastro-Stanford (Jr.) 6’5.0”-312lbs. 40-5.22  Bench-34 reps-Gr. 6.5

A dominating, punishing run blocker, as well as a very good pass protection blocker. Also pulls and traps very well. Highly mobile for his size, but could stand to add a little bit of lower body strength. Can be a success in any scheme. Will also block down field as much as 8 yards off the line, while successfully engaging targets. Rarely gets beat in pass coverage assignments. Would be even better if he gained 7 or 8 pounds, but could stay where he is and remain effective. We’d be surprised if he fell past the middle of the 1st round.


2)   Cordy Glenn-Georgia 6’ 5.5”-346 lbs. 40-5.15(comb.) Bench-31 reps-Gr. 6.4

Cordy played mostly tackle for the Bulldogs, but will move to guard at the next level. Needs to drop some weight to increase his foot speed, but extremely physically strong and sound technically as a lineman. Has exceptionally long arms and big hands, and is strong at the point of attack. Very strong lower body as well, but could play “meaner” at times, and should keep his arms up more often. Could get tired early at times when double teamed by defensive players. We are looking forward to seeing Mr. Glenn at the next level.


3)   Amini Silatolu-Midwestern St. (Tx.) 6’3.5” 324lbs. 40-5.45 Bench 30-Gr. 6.1

Impressive D-II lineman who is on the rise despite not being classified as “elite” by some scouts and “broadcast experts.” Played left tackle in college but moves inside to guard as a pro simply because of height. Has very good strength but some though he played “weaker” when he was 10-12 pounds lighter. We really like his “engine” and his energy level, but is still a little rough around the edges and shows this at times. Could be appealing to teams looking for a player who plays both inside and outside positions.

4)   Kevin Zeitler-Wisconsin 6’3.85” 315lbs 40-5.38 Bench 32-Gr. 6.0

One of several All-Americans in the 2011 season for the Badgers, Zeitler is one of the premier linemen in this draft. Possesses a great work ethic, and is strong both in weight training and on the field. A powerful blocker who controls his opponents at the first level and has great balance. Can sometimes have difficulty targeting and connecting with opponents downfield. Also has a history of ankle injuries, which have kept him out of games, most recently in the 2010 season. Can excel even more next to the right center and with good line coaching at the pro level.


5)   Kelechi Osemele-Iowa State 6”6” 333 lbs 40-5.36 Bench 32(comb.) Gr.5.8

Although Kelechi played tackle most of his career many teams see him moving inside to guard, so we rank him here.  Possessing both strength and size, he has the upside potential to dominate at either guard or tackle. Some see him as a late first round selection but low to mid-second round is more probable a location for him to be drafted since he is coming off ankle problems. Work well in both pass protection and run blocking in the line of scrimmage zone, but has trouble finishing off blocks downfield. Would like to see him develop a tougher mental edge.


6)   Brandon Brooks-Miami (Ohio) 6’4.57” 352 lbs  40-4.99 Bench 36 Gr. 5.7

A man who’s stock is on the rise off a fabulous pro day, Brooks is not without a few shortcomings though.  He is a strong blocker with solid drive power and physical strength, and can manhandle opponents easily from either the guard or tackle spot. He does have an issues with “heavy footed-ness” and  has a weight vs. workout issue(when he works out less, he gains weight!).

His average agility is also an issue, as is his lack of meanness at times on the field. Still, we see him being drafted mid to late 3rd round.


7)   Joe Looney-Wake Forrest 6’ 3.25” 310lbs. 40-5.02 Bench 26 Gr. 5.55

Mr. Looney is a prototypical athletic inside offensive lineman who “short pulls” well and finishes blocks with consistency. Joe is a young man of character and a leader on and off the field, and does not pose behavioral concerns that some players do. He is also versatile and can play center and long snap if needed. The only issue here is how much he has recovered from a 2010 Ankle injury which limited him to 10 games that year and continued to hamper him in ’11 even though he started all 13 games for the “Demon Deacons”


8)   Tony Bergstrom-Utah 6’5.5” 315lbs 40-5.3 Bench 32(comb.) Gr.5.50

A Great Zone/Position Blocker who works well in confined space, Tony also has great lateral movement. A tough, hard nosed player who gives 110% at all times, Tony’s only drawbacks are his age (26) and his trouble with more athletic DL’s. He can project to either Tackle or Guard at the next level, but will have to work on “physicality” to compensate for his short wingspan. Very coachable, so could have a long career if able to stay healthy.





9)   Andrew Tiller-Syracuse 6’ 5” 350lbs 40-5.5 Bench 16(Comb.) Gr. 5.3

Tiller had a weak combine showing, but has the ability to be a better then average run blocker in a man on man blocking scheme and can be taught to zone block. Can overpower defensive linemen with his positioning skill. Does not show explosiveness off the line and has problems in pass protection assignments. Has the size and base strength to become a good NFL player but needs to improve on his footwork and lateral movement. If he is taught to pull effectively he could be around a long time in the league.



10)                   Senio Kelemente-Washington 6’3.25” 302lbs 40-5.20 Bench 28 Gr. 5.25

A converted Defensive Tackle, Senio also missed some games his freshman year due to an MCL (Right Knee). A fine young man and a talented player with strong character. I like what he shows on tape despite being undersized for the Tackle spot in the pros, he will settle in at guard (left) and be successful because he is athletic and mobile, which moved him up on our position board. Only needs work on his technical and to gain a few pounds to be a success in the position.


By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Exec. Editor-Football Reporters/Football Grade: A- This is probably the strongest class of offensive linemen overall in a few years, and no one sub-group shows that level of talent more then the guards in this draft class. Mr. DeCastro is possibly the most complete player in the group, and could probably play…

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